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Ultrasonic PVC cutting knife
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Ultrasonic PVC cutting knife

Product details

Ultrasonic PVC Cutting Knife

Different from traditional cutting knife, Ultrasonic PVC Cutting Knife cuts the rubber material better and easily. 50,60Hz electricity will be turned into 20, 30 or 40Hz energy, and then the energy will be turned into vibration. Ultrasonic PVC Cutting Knife breaks the molecular chain and then cuts the material.
  Better effects on elastic material, frozen material, food, rubber, etc. Most significant advantage of ultrasonic PVC cutting knife is fusion effect on cutting field. It prevents things from loose. Ultrasonic PVC Cutting Knife is widely used in digging, scraping, sculpturing and so on.

The basic parts of the Ultrasonic cutting knife are ultrasonic transducer, the amplitude transformer, cutting knife (tools) and driving power source. Ultrasonic driving power source converts the simple electricity into alternating current, which is given to the ultrasonic transducer. As an energy conversion device, ultrasonic transducer converts the electricity into mechanical energy, ultrasonic. It moves back and forth in vertical at the same frequency with alternating current. The function of amplitude transformer is to fix the ultrasonic vibration machine, and another one is to amplify the output amplitude. For one thing, cutting knife (tools) is used to amplify the output amplitude, for another thing is to output ultrasonic, and then cutting the material easily.

Cutting type
1.Type of cutting knife:Put ultrasonic on cutting knife, and then it creates ultrasonic vibration. After that, cutting effect can be achieved.
2. Type of cutting boards:Put ultrasonic on bed die,just like boards, and it creates ultrasonic vibration. After that, cutting effect can be achieved. Simple cutter is OK.

1. Applied to automatic production 
2. Long time used
3. Fine finish of surface, good adhesivity.
4. Speed, efficient, non-pollution. Efficiency will be increased by 10 times.
5. Cutting difficult materials, to solve processing problems
6. Satisfy with different processing demands.
7. Complete range of articles, cutting knife can be
customized by requirements.
8.  Less labor, and easily control.




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